Why Lithuania


Have a great startup idea?

Looking for the best country to start business?

Or, maybe you already run a successful company and looking for a most attractive jurisdiction for investment or site to set-up a branch ir even move your HQ?

Lithuania is one of the most attractive countries in EU to start business.

Lithuania was ranked 16 of 190 countries in Doing Business 2018 report (by World Bank). In Paying Taxes category, it is 1st in all Europe and Central Asia.

Lithuanian and foreign taxable entities registered in Lithuania must pay taxes in Lithuania on profits and capital gains earned both in Lithuania and abroad. Withholding taxes paid abroad and not exceeding the tax payable in Lithuania on foreign income may be credited.

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Lithuania offers a unique combination of modern infrastructure, highly educated and skilled talent, openness to innovation, and connections to the rest of Europe.

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Careful research of the industry and consumer makeup must be conducted before starting up a business. In most cases, costs of starting and running a business in Lithuania are significantly lower than other EU countries.

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In some industries, quality-of-life factors are breaking into the top-five considerations when choosing a site. Why? Because in technology firms and industries dependent on highly specialized workers, quality of life directly affects the quality and cost of labor.

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