Lithuania is a great place to start and grow your business.
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You have developed your business idea, realized its potential. You chose to launch your startup in Lithuania, open a branch or subsidiary company. Great! Here are your next 3 steps to start business in Lithuania:

In Lithuania, you can run a business by implementing individual activity or starting a new company. There are 3 main types of companies: individual enterprise (IĮ)small partnership (MB) and private limited liability company (UAB)CHOOSE BUSINESS FORM below or CONTACT US for free and quick individual advise.

Is your activity under a special regulation in Lithuania or the EU? Or maybe, you live outside EU and need a residence permit (business immigration) or work permit (work immigration)? Remember to gather all the information carefully before starting business.
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After choosing the most suitable business form and gathering all the necessary information, you are ready for start your business – establish a company or buy existing one in Lithuania. Read more about the procedures below or simply CONTACT US to guide you through all the process.


Any type of activity.
Suitable for small, medium and large-scale business.
Possibility to attract investment or venture capital.
Starting procedure for standard prices and may last from 2-3 days to more than a week.
Accountant highly recommended.
Limited civil liability for most company types in Lithuania.

Company seems a suitable form for your business? So it is time to choose COMPANY TYPE.

Very easy to start.
Limited scope of activities.
Suitable for micro-businesses and individual service suppliers.
Unlimited liability.
Simplified bookkeeping and taxation.
Easy to close business.
Corporate income tax not applicable.

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Private limited liability company (UAB) – the most popular type of company in Lithuania.
Possible to buy ready-made company or register a new company in Lithuania.
1-249 shareholders (natural persons and/or companies).
Represented by the director of the company.
Board and supervisory council may be formed as well.

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Small partnership (MB) is a type of company for small businesses usually run by the founders themselves.
1-10 members, only natural persons.
No minimal share capital requirement.
Limited liability.
Simplified accounting procedure.
Profit is distributed to the members “pro rata” according to their contributions.
May or may not have a single-person management body.

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Individual company (IĮ) is the only type of company with unlimited civil liability.
Only 1 owner, only natural person.
No requirement for minimal share capital.
Managed by the owner himself or by hired manager.
Simplified accounting procedure.

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Apart from the most popular UAB, MB and IĮ, there are other types of legal entities in Lithuania. Public limited liability company (AB) is the most common business vehicle for large companies.

Foreign companies may establish their representative offices and branches in Lithuania.

There also are specific types of entities:  general partnershiplimited partnershipcooperative company and agricultural company. For non-profit needs, there are non-governmental organizations, associations, charity funds.

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The EU Services Directive allows businesses to provide services in the European Economic Area (EEA) much easier.  It requires all EEA countries to dismiss unnecessary legal and administrative barriers that hinder business from setting up or offering their services in another EEA country. Moreover it simplifyies formalities that service providers need to comply with.

Whether you are a new startup in Lithuania or an experienced enterpriser – you might need to meet specific requirements or acquire permits to operate business. Failing to comply with the requirements or acquire permits may have negative consequences on your business or cause legal responsibility.

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Are you planning to design webpages? In that case, you may want to protect your rights by getting the design registered in Lithuania or internationally. Will you have e-shop? You might want to read carefully and comply with retail trade rules. Will you administer personal data of your clients? You are bound to be registered as a personal data administrator.

Are you a lawyer, medic, translator or business consultant? In each of those cases (and many more) you may need to meet some specific requirements to rightfully operate in Lithuania

In case your activity includes foodstuffs, you might need Approval Certificate of Food Business Operator.  For example if you are manufacturing or selling alcohol products – you will need license for that.  There are also special requirements applied for various activities and products.

Plan on opening a bar in Vilnius Old town? In that case Your business will have to meet food hygiene standards. You will have to be approved as Food Business Operator. You will have to acquire alcohol and tobacco licenses.

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