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Where do I find more information about Lithuania?

Check these sites for more information about the business environment in Lithuania: Invest Lithuania, The Official Gateway of Lithuania. For more information on the country check also The Official Website for Tourism in Lithuania.

What languages are spoken in Lithuania?

Lithuania finds itself among the top six EU countries boasting the greatest number of people proficient in at least one foreign language. Apart from Lithuanian, which is an official language, as many as 92% of Lithuanians can converse in foreign languages (usually English, Russian and Polish).

Can I do business in Lithuania if I know only English?

Yes, it is generally no problem to do business in English, though various documents may be required to be translated into Lithuanian. 

Why should I choose Lithuania instead of neighboring Latvia or Estonia?

As the level of infrastructure is similar in all the three countries - you should compare the expenses. Price level in Lithuania is lower, including, but not limited to everyday stuff and real estate prices. Also, we have some very attractive tax exemptions, especially for small businesses.

Need specific information?

We will be more than happy to answer your questions about Lithuania: business climate and prices, company types, residence, taxes, law, travel information, etc.

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